Using Cannabis for Medical Benefit


A Primer for Using Cannabis as an Adjunct to Therapy

What You Want to Know About Your Clients and Cannabis Use – why so many take marijuana – benefits and hazards.

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Education and access to information is the key to the effective use of medical cannabis.


Do you need a license?

Are you working with medical professionals who are also knowledgeable about cannabis?

Why doesn’t it work for everyone?

Do I use CBD or THC or Both?

How much/how often do I take it?

Smoking? Vaping? Edibles?

Cannabis use benefits from an individual plan tailored to the patient, as people react differently to the same doses.

Roslyn provides the means to navigate between patients, their medical team, and the growing body of medical and scientific knowledge on medical cannabis. She will help you navigate.

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This service and website provides educational materials to create the most effective use of cannabinoids for your needs.